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Encounter XX51 is a Virtual Reality Sci-Fi exploration game in which you play as Commander Wilson, a high-ranking official from the ISS. On your way to do a routine reconnaissance mission, your ship crash lands on an alien planet wrapped in eternal sandstorm and baking heat. In order to notify your crew to your situation, you must assist the native inhabitants on the planet. However, something seems to be a little off about these two...

Key Features:

  • Expansive VR world - Explore alien scenery and an exotic atmosphere in an amazing virtual world
  • Voice acted and immersive - Feel immersed in the virtual world when interacting with character voices that have been professionally recorded and mastered, and try and work out the story that these two are hiding..
  • Easy-to-learn control scheme - Pick up and play with any Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller


  • Platform: Occulus Rift and Windows (Mouse supported)
  • Controller: Xbox 360 or Xbox One

Team Members

Programmers: Elliot Moule, Eli Whitbread, James Neal

Animators: Dominique de Ronserail, Nathan Dent, Josh Daws

Designer: Ben Molenaar

Version History:

Version 0.1

  • Base functionality is integrated. The player can "play" through the main path of the game however there is no ending
  • Interactions are incomplete, yet playable
  • Main Menu working, however no Pause Menu
  • Player reticle issue
  • LOTS of clipping

Version 0.2

  • Menu feature added
  • Fixed some clipping and added a small intro cinematic
  • SOUNDS!!

Version 0.3

  • Fixed player reticle issue
  • Lots of visual updates
  • Interactions are nearing a complete state
  • Added character dialogue and animations

Version Beta 0.1 (current)

  • Dialogue all implemented and fixed.
  • Drone issues fixed - will now reset when exited, so can be attempted again, if there are issues.
  • All interactions have been completed.
  • Game plays end state, and then leaves player in a free state, so they can play with the cannon and drone again.

Special thanks to SAE Institute Sydney for allowing us the opportunity to build this amazing VR student project!

Install instructions

Download file, unzip (.zip). Connect Oculus along with Gamepad. Navigate to unzipped folder, and open the 'SpaceEncounter51_Beta_01.exe'.

Game will also play, without VR (no Oculus), using mouse and keyboard.

Space Encounter XX51 will run straightaway, taking you to the Main Menu.


SpaceEncounter51_Beta_01.zip 92 MB


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Hi Encounter xx121. I am Yan from Sydney SAE. I am studying graphic design. I got a branding project for your game which is my pleasure :) I wish I can contact you for more information & resources and discussing some questions. I am waiting for your reply :)

My email address is 1004593@student.sae.edu.au

Genpuku for life.

You suck!

At least our game doesn't suck.

could be worse. We could be no man's skying VR too. *nods